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Auto Repair Estimating Software

This software called car services repair bidding software. Here customer will come and post their car service requirements and mechanics or garage owner can bid for car service works. Here mechanics compete each other to get repair work of user posted requirements. This is the best platform for users to find nearest mechanics for their car repair works and for mechanic to get online leads about car services.


For Customers

Request Quote

A customer can request a quote for his vehicle repair for multiple vendors.

View Bids

Customer able to view list of bids by list of mechanics.

View Repair Progress

Customer is able to check the progress of vehicle repair works.

Repair History

Enables customer to view the list past vehicle repairs.

For Mechanics

Search Jobs

Once approved mechanics able to search for repair jobs.

Bid on jobs

Mechanics able to bid on the interested repair jobs.

View bid history

The mechanic able to view the bid history.

Configure Services

Mechanic able to configure services provided by his end.

For Administrators

View Jobs

Enables to view the list of jobs posted by the customer.

Manage mechanic registration

This feature enables the administrator to manage the mechanic registration.

Configuration management

Enables the administrator to configure car services list, car make etc..


View the list of commission generated and revenue of the mechanics

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