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Mobile Care Version 2.0

This software basically designed for mobile repair agencies to manage their customer mobile repair work (job sheets) easily and effectively.Here software admin or technician will create job sheet for users mobile repair works. Job sheet consists of customer information, customer mobile defect description and job sheet status. Users or customer can track the status of his/her job sheet.


Job Orders

Enable to easily take the job orders with mobile information and customer information.

Branch Management

Facilitates to create and manage branches including different branch related options.

Job sheet Management

Facilitates to assign the job orders to technicians within the branch.


Which includes different types of reports like accounting report, Prepared / Closed Report and Expense reports.

Job Status

Flags the Job orders as Open , Progress, Repaired , Delivered.

Staff Management

Enables to easily Manage the receptionist and Technician Staff members.

Job Status Tracking

Makes easy to track the particular job order.

SMS Facility

Which enables to notifies the customer about the job status.

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