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Breached Watch: Recognizing Signs of a Compromised CCTV

By enabling you to keep an eye on your house or business, security cameras provide peace of mind. You can watch your pets, keep an eye on your child while they play in their room, monitor your employees, and even use the cameras to spot intruders. Nevertheless, if they are breached, hackers may use them as a peephole, observing your personal activities and listening in on your talks.

Here in this piece, we'll go through the warning signs of a compromised security camera. We'll also offer advice on how to stop hacking before it starts.

Abrupt or impromptu camera movements

Depending on the model, your security camera may be stationary or able to move as needed. To provide viewers with better views of their surroundings, some cameras have the ability to tilt or pan. It may be an indication of a possible hack if you discover that your security camera moves in an unexpected or unplanned way.

Your DVR recordings are no longer available to you.

All of the security camera footage is stored on your DVR. Since the data is stored on their hard drives, hackers may have been able to access it, take advantage of the information and video footage that has been saved, and alter its contents. It is highly likely that your surveillance system has been hacked if you discover that you are unable to access this data or if part of it appears to have been altered or removed. The DVRs on security cameras are the systems that hackers can access the easiest. As a result, you should examine it on a regular basis to see if anything strange is occurring.

Double-check Whether the Security Settings Have Been Tweaked.

Checking that the password has not been reset and that the security settings have not been altered is an essential step. You will typically be required to register for a new account with the security camera provider when installing one for the first time. That being said, if the security camera app asks for your password out of the blue, it's probably because the camera has been compromised. Although it is possible, it is not always the case that you will receive an email stating that your password has been changed.

Lights flickering

Flickering lights are one of the first indications that your security camera may have been compromised. This might indicate a weak wireless signal, and it might also have an impact on other devices' functionality if your camera is in line of sight. It's probably time to investigate the cause of the flickering lights and determine whether it's something simple or more complex issue.

Mysterious power drain

Have you ever gone away from home for a few days and come back to discover that your battery had run out completely or that the bandwidth on your wireless network was low? It's possible that a hacker has been using your Wi-Fi signal if this ever occurs. This could also be the result of a CCTV hack if it is continuously recording.

Unusual usage of data

Your security camera will use a lot of bandwidth when uploading and streaming live video if it is connected to the cloud. However, this could indicate that the smart camera is compromised if it is uploading far more data than usual, especially when you aren't using it.

The last thing you probably consider when you purchase your first CCTV camera for your house is the chance that someone could hack into it.

A new security camera is just one more avenue that hackers can use to get around security, though, as they are constantly searching for new methods. A hacked Wi-Fi enabled camera might never be malicious because, in reality, nothing is too big or small for someone with bad intentions. It can be taken advantage of, though.